Greenfield, MA

Make Asphalt Last Longer

Protect and Restore Asphalt Life

Asphalt pavement is one of the most common materials used to surface roadways, driveways, parking lots and foot or bike paths. It can be a very durable and long lasting choice for homeowners or business owners when deciding what they want for their driveway or parking lot. 

Like any paving material out there, asphalt pavement will degrade over time. Exposure to things such as sunlight, gas and oil and the outside elements can break asphalt down. The binder that holds the small stones together will become weak and the pavement can loosen up and cracks will form. Cracks can lead to water getting under the surface which can cause potholes and depressions. 

Contacting a professional to help with semi-routine pavement maintenance can help to add many extra years to your asphalt pavement. Sealcoating adds a barrier of protection to asphalt that has lost some of it's binder strength. Sealcoat will help lock in the small stones and will waterproof the existing asphalt. The last thing any property owner wants is for water to undermine their asphalt surfaces creating damage. 

In addition to sealcoating, sealing existing cracks with hot rubber is also critical. Hot rubber is the most proven material to use when sealing cracks because it completely fills the cracks and is in most cases a permanent repair. A plan to have asphalt surfaces crack sealed and seal coated every 3-4 years is a smart choice that will save you from having to re-pave prematurely which will cost thousands.