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Sealcoating crack sealing and parking lot striping


We use a polymer fortified liquid sealcoat with a high solids content.  That may seem like industry jargon to most but it's what separates the sealer you can get from a big box store and one a qualified professional uses. High water content, no use of polymers for reinforcement and low solids content means a poorly performing sealer. That's what you get from a big box. Our distributor is SealMaster, one of the largest and most reputable sealcoating distributors on the planet. The goal is to make your asphalt surface last as long as possible so that is why using big box products just won't cut it. A high quality sealer acts as a barrier holding back the enemies of asphalt. Sealcoating is like putting sunblock on your asphalt. It prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating and doing damage. Sealcoating also prevents gas and oil from penetrating asphalt and dissolving the binder. Another benefit in addition to protection is that the rich black color of a sealcoated driveway absorbs heat so snow and ice melt rapidly in the winter. 

Crack Sealing

All cracks capable of allowing water to get underneath the asphalt pavement need to be repaired. We clean out cracks using a couple different methods. Loose debris is removed using compressed air or a piece of equipment that utilizes a spinning wire wheel. Once the cracks have been thoroughly cleaned they are completely filled to the surface of the pavement with hot rubber. A non stick topper of black sand is then applied over the freshly sealed crack. This crucial step gives added durability because tires and shoes are much less likely to pull up any rubber on very hot days and the sand gives the sealcoating material some space to cure into. 

Pothole Patching

Some potholes in your asphalt pavement are just not worthy of a paving company coming out to fill them. It would be too costly and they may try and sell you on ripping up a whole area unnecessarily. That is where Aquaphalt comes in. We have the capability of permanently repairing most potholes that occur in driveways and parking lots by using a revolutionary product that cures just as hard as hot asphalt but comes in much smaller quantities than a minimum 1 ton purchase most paving companies will sell. Some potholes only need a wheelbarrow or two of material, not a 1 ton load. 

Line Striping

If you have a commercial property with parking spaces, keeping those spaces fresh looking is very important. A parking lot with safe and efficient traffic flow as well as good curb appeal will make customers and patrons feel like they want to come back. In addition to sealcoating and crack sealing we also provide parking lot striping.

Included in every service...

When we provide you with an estimate to do sealcoating, crack sealing or parking lot striping on your pavement there are some things included in the estimate no matter the service you specify. Proper cleaning is essential to job durability. All cleaning and prep work is included in the estimate price. This includes edging the grass back on a residential driveway, cleaning out all cracks, cleaning dirt spots and cleaning and priming oil spots.